Saturday, March 12, 2011

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9 in March

Microsoft has long worked on Internet Explorer 9 and is now ready to launch the official version.It's at the show South by Southwest, SXSW, where Microsoft will unveil the official version of Internet Explorer 9. It has been working with the new browser for about a year and it has also gone to download a release candidate. The 14th March is the date set for the suitable candidate.

What's New in Internet Explorer 9, including a better overview of the downloaded files, improved tabbed browsing, support for HTML 5 and hardware acceleration. The latter is to make it faster to see such movies or play games through the browser window.

Microsoft themselves say that Internet Explorer 9 to offer a "more beautiful web", and it seems that some changes also occurred with the interface. On March 14 you should then be able to download the new version officially.

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