Saturday, March 12, 2011

Color e-Books with Color Book 1058

Spanish e-book reader Color Book is small, cheap and convenient. It has color display and can also handle photos, audio. Almost all e-book readers have monochrome displays. The electronic ink used in such as Kindle and Iriver Story unable to show colors. Spanish Energy Sistem has gone around this problem by letting a Color Book using an ordinary LCD screen.

The advantage of course is that it also can display comics, photos and film - and because the screen lights up, you can also read in the dark. Unfortunately the battery life might suffer. While a typical e-book readers has enough for twenty books on a single charge, Color Book's batteries will run out sooner.

Because it does not have WiFi support, you must also pair it with your computer using a cable to transfer the books. Compared with tablets and smart phones this feels awkward, but it does not cause any major problems to read e-books.

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